Zynna's Place

Residents of Zynna's Place can expect the following:

Focus on Sobriety and Mental Health  –  Zynna’s Place offers the opportunity to focus on sobriety and mental health goals in a focused environment.  Zynna’s Place is an atmosphere where recovery and mental health awareness is encouraged and support is available.  The main goal of Zynna’s Place is to practice living in an environment that is safe and supportive to promote independence.


Transitional Living – Transitional living homes offer a midway point between “regular” life and the sheltered environment of inpatient alcohol and drug and/or psychiatric centers.  You will be able to retain a sense of normalcy by benefiting from an environment without drugs, alcohol, or other triggers that promote relapse in addiction or mental health.


Life Skills Development – During active addiction and/or mental health crisis, we often neglect other areas of our life.  Zynna’s Place will help you to develop – or redevelop – basic life skills such as housework, education, job duties, fitness, and social interactions.


Regular Schedule – Often, our sleep and waking schedules become erratic while we are in the throes of alcoholism, addiction and/or mental health crisis.  Zynna’s Place promotes a regular scheduled that can nurture healthy time-management patterns when we resume our normal lives.


Growth of a Sober Network and a Support Team – For some of us, our friendships may need re-evaluating when we return to regular lives after completing a treatment program.  Zynna’s Place provides a network of people dedicated to mental and healthy, sober living.



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